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Our Story.

Part Sync. Part Advocacy.

There Is A Tremendous Disparity In The TV And Film/Entertainment Industry With Regard To The Equal Representation Of Black And Brown Composers.


VYBBES Is A Diverse Community Of Composers, Music Artists, Music Supervisors And Content Creators Who Are At The Forefront Of A Movement To:

1. Advocate For Greater Representation Of BIPOC Composers In TV And Film.

2. Provide Resources For BIPOC Filmmakers To Help Them Tell More Black Stories.

3. Educate The Young Black And Brown Composers And Artists Of Tomorrow To Prepare Them For Careers In Sync.

VYBBES Artists And Composers Are Some Of The Best In The World And Have The Portfolio To Prove It!

Their Work Has Been Featured On Several Well Known TV Shows Including Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, American Idol, Chopped And Big Bang Theory To Name A Few.

We Have Also Worked With Many Of The Brands You Recognize Like: Mercedes, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Adidas And Macy's.

Overall Our Goal Is To Bring Different Cultures Together Through Our Shared Love Of Music, TV And Film.

In This Effort A Great Deal Of Our Energy Is Dedicated To Advocacy For Diversity And Inclusion

Within The TV And Film Industry.

This Platform Is More Than A Sync Library.

This Platform Is A Beacon.

A Movement.

A Community.

We Encourage Content Creators From All Over The World To Help Change The Narrative By Adding Your Voice To The Conversation.

Your Voice Matters. Your Story Matters. Your Story Is 



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