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VYBBES Creates The "Young Black Composers" Initiative

The Young Black Composers Initiative (YBC) is a pre-collegiate sync education program sponsored by VYBBES.COM whose mission is to get young black musicians interested in composing for TV and Film. Black Composers are severely underrepresented in the TV and Film industry and we aim to change that by providing world-class sync music education programming at nominal costs.

One way that we aim to get students excited about the world of sync is through sponsoring a series of sync music online workshops. These workshops will serve as an introduction to the world of sync and will also be open to aspiring music artists as well who are interested in getting TV/Film placements.

YBC was created by VYBBES owner/CEO: Israel Tutson. "I think the reason there's not a lot of black composers is because a lot of black people don't know anything about sync licensing." Israel states. "It's rare for me to hear anyone in the black community talking about becoming a composer. I hear a lot of people wanting to be producers and to make a hit song for their favorite singer or rapper but rarely do I hear of young people talking about scoring a film. A lot of young black producers don't even know about sync and it's sad because these young producers out here don't even realize that Sync is where the money is!"

"A Lot Of Young Black Producers Don't Even Know About Sync"

Israel says that he considers it part of his mission in life to help open doors for the BIPOC composers of today and tomorrow and will do his best to unveil the seemingly secret world of sync to those talented composers who deserve a seat at the table in Hollywood. "If Hollywood is having a hard time finding black composers we need to start developing some. If these kids can't afford the workshops then I will personally find a way to get them sponsored!"

The objectives of the Young Black Composers Initiative are:

  • To unveil the world of sync licensing through providing world-class sync music education at nominal prices.

  • To get the next generation of Singers, Songwriters, Musicians and Composers excited about the world of sync.

  • To utilize unconventional teaching methods and curriculum to provide students with an unique and exciting experience different from what is currently offered in public schools.

  • To utilize professional Artists and Composers who have had major placements whenever possible to provide students with virtual apprenticeships, an ‘inside perspective’ and invaluable advice.

  • To ensure that our curriculum always remains relevant by teaching modern day music, industry standards and using today’s popular sync placements as a backdrop for teaching the elements of music theory and musicianship.

YBC Diversity Values Statement:

Cultural diversity is important to us simply because cultural diversity is important to music itself. Innovators from diverse backgrounds and cultures have created the music studied in our programs. An essential part of the YBC workshops is helping our students to gain an appreciation of the rich variety of the cultural traditions from which the music they love originates.

We are a community in which every member’s voice is valued and respected. A diverse, inclusive work and learning environment is essential to reaching our goal of becoming a leader in contemporary sync music education. It is imperative that we take specific steps to attract and retain the widest array of talented composers and instructors and provide an environment that supports and nurtures the creative process. The fulfillment of our mission—to introduce and prepare young black composers for a career in sync — will be demonstrated in their influence both on the future of sync music and on the culture at large.

Even though we have a special emphasis on BIPOC students we do not discriminate according to race. Furthermore we do not discriminate according to, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, ability, age, or sexual orientation. We believe that a diversity of ideas, approaches, disciplines, and learning and musical styles are essential to inclusion and equity. The integration of a myriad of cultural values and perspectives into what we do at all levels, from teaching to decision-making, is critical.

To find out more about the Young Black Composers initiative go to

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