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Why The World Needs To Hear More Black Stories.

Who do you feel more comfortable around… strangers, or people you know? People you know right? But how did you get to know those people? You weren't always friends. At some point you had to suffer through the awkward stage of meeting them for the first time and over time you developed a relationship with them through conversation and interaction.

Conversation and interaction are what builds relationships. The more you talk with someone, the more you get to know them. As you open up to people and talk to them about who you are and what you have experienced in life, that's when they truly get to know you. When a person tells you their stories and you have intimate conversations - the heart to heart's - those are the times when you can almost literally, feel where a person is coming from. Everyone loves a good story - especially one you can relate to - but if you never tell your story how will anyone get to know who you are?

Today's climate is primed for BIPOC to tell our stories. In light of the social issues that have been coming to the forefront around the world, conversations are being held right now that concern us and the future of black and brown people coming after us. The world is ready for a change. Companies in every sector are adopting new policies that reaffirm their commitment to diversity and inclusion. The social climate is primed more than ever for BIPOC creators to stand up and be counted!

At VYBBES we suggest that the best way to bring different cultures to the table to have real conversations is through finding common ground. That's why we aim to use our shared love for music, TV and film as a springboard to having bigger conversations concerning justice, equality and humanitarianism. Does racism still exist in the world? Unfortunately yes. However, we believe that much of the racism that exists stems from ignorance. The walls that separate cultures must be broken down in order to have open and honest dialogue. If we can do that, then we can effect positive and meaningful change!

See, at the end of the day it's not about race at all, it's about people. It's about listening to someone's story and hearing their heart. It's about connecting with elements of a story even if you don't relate to the story as a whole. It's about utilizing whatever talents, resources or influence you may have, to add your voice to the conversation that is happening around the globe right now. The conversation of love over hate. The conversation of hope and optimism that say that equality for all races and cultures can and will be a reality. We all have a part to play because we ALL have a story to tell.

So Yes. Black creators, Your. Story. Matters. Black people are beautiful. Black culture is beautiful. Too many times the media only focuses on negative stereotypes concerning our culture but the truth is, black culture runs the full gamut of human emotion and interaction. There are black people in every position in every arena in every industry and from varied backgrounds in varying degrees of success throughout the world. There are millions of stories of black excellence and positivity. Black resilience and strength. Black millionaires and success stories. Black intelligence and ingenuity. Black creativity. Black talent. Black athleticism. Black relationships. Musicians, artisans, doctors, practitioners, financiers, legal aids, contractors, construction workers, first responders, literally the heart of America and the seams of the fabric of this country whose stories need to be brought to light.

Furthermore, Black history is littered with unknown and under-represented leaders whose legacies may be on the verge of being lost in the annals of history. If you're someone that is interested in history, you can dig and find their stories and bring them to an audience that would have never heard about them and revive their legacies right before our eyes. And when you do… VYBBES will be right here to help in any way we can, whether that be through film scoring, sound design or offering whatever resources we can get our hands on.

This platform is more than a sync library. This platform is a movement. A beacon. A community - not just for black people - for all people that are dedicated to bringing cultures together. The world has seen enough hate. It's time for us to come together and have conversations and interaction with people from different backgrounds. Remember, it's hard to feel comfortable around people you don't know, so let's not be strangers. Telling black stories leads to having more conversations, and having more conversations is what will help the world get to know us better. #TellYourStory

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