Beverly Hills - Business Extended

Use In TV, Radio Or Video Advertisement

Beverly Hills - Business Extended

  • Includes use in a tv, radio or video advertisement plus the following:

    The Business - Extended distribution option is a single use license intended for web sites or streaming sites promoting a single company, service or product. (DOES NOT INCLUDE PAID ADVERTISING or BROADCAST MEDIA unless specifically stated in Section I of this agreement). Includes all forms of web videos for placement anywhere on the web including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other User Generated Content sites as well as streaming for web-enabled handheld devices/phones and internet-connected tablets. This license includes a perpetual right to stream the project in its final form within the specified media and territories.


    Videos, films, trailers, games, or other multimedia projects that you were hired to make, intend to sell, distribute, or release to paid audiences or clients - reproduction of the project is included. 

    Paid online podcast or a podcast that generates revenue through advertising or related services. 

    Software or videos released on DVD or CD ROM (excludes audio-only CDs) in any number.


    Live theatrical performance or as part of a concert performance where audience members pay to attend. 

    Use as part of a toy or any product available for purchase in a store or online (excludes audio-only CDs and paid downloads). 

    Public-voting film contest.