Easy To Love (Exclusive - Unlimited)

Unlimited Use In Multiple Projects In Perpetuity

Easy To Love (Exclusive - Unlimited)

  • This option is a full all-included 'Buy Out' license. The license allows you unlimited use in multiple projects in perpetuity as follows:

    Use the music in any of your productions provided it is synchronized with other audio and/or visual images

    Make unlimited copies of the production containing the music in any format whether for sale to the public or not

    Broadcast or distribute the production containing the music worldwide;  

    Edit the music to suit your production.

    NOTE: What you CANNOT DO:

    1) Re-sell or re-license tracks ( Music or Sound ) on their own (includes physical goods and non-tangible items).

    2) Claim exclusive ownership of a track or digital media file.

    Copy tracks and files on CD or other media apart from your multimedia project.

    3) Sell Audio-Only CDs or Audio Downloads using the tracks without synchronization with other media (unless prior written permission is obtained from the copyright owner or publisher).

    The term of the license will continue until the copyright in the music expires (70 years after the death of the composer).