Puerto Maldonado - Personal Use/Education

For Non Profit Personal Use At home Or For Education

Puerto Maldonado - Personal Use/Education

  • License music for Non Profit personal use at home or for education plus following:

    Multimedia project, video game, film that you will not show to a paid audience (includes office presentations)



    Use in a single personal life event film for an individual or family (e.g. home video, birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc.). 

    For use at home and in personal accounts on UGC sites (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.). Not for use in Corporate or Commercial projects.

    Film that you will not distribute to others in any way (including free copies)

    Stream or display on your own personal, not-for-profit website

    Use in a free online greeting card (music and sounds only)

    Use in a single project for a church, school/university, charity (501c3 or international equivalent), and government.

    Single use of the sound recording in a project promoting a single brand, single product, single service, single promotion, single organization, or single event, including, fundraising and calls to action. Does not include paid advertising (i.e., where media is paid to air or promote your project) unless the Paid Promotion / Advertising option is chosen at checkout and specifically stated in Section I of this agreement. All non-profit licenses must be used for a registered 501(c)(3) organization or international equivalent. International equivalents are companies that are registered as charities in their home country equal to the 501(c)(3) registration in the United States.

    Theatrical production with non-paid audience

    Demos for clients that you do not sell 

    Personal, not-for-profit podcast 

    Use by a registered student submitting a single project for an educational grade. Includes all forms of web videos for placement in classroom and personal (non-business) accounts on the web including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other User Generated Content sites. This license includes a perpetual right to stream the project in its final form within the specified media and territories. Cannot be used for any outside film festival entries.DOES NOT INCLUDE MONETIZATION OR PAID ADVERTISING/SOCIAL MEDIA BOOSTING.