Thinking About Ya - Business Limited

Business Related Purposes That Will NOT Be Broadcast

Thinking About Ya - Business Limited

  • This License is for music used for Business related purposes that will NOT be broadcast or shown in theaters. Includes:

    The Business Limited option is a single use license intended for internal projects ONLY. Projects should be shown in a capacity intended only for use in internal organization presentations, shareholder meetings, employee trainings, etc., within a single organization. Not intended for viewing by non-employees of the organization. This license includes a perpetual right to show the project in its final form within the specified media and territories. 

    In-house Background Music including Restaurants, Gym, Spa and Relaxation 

    Telephone Systems (PBX) as music-on-hold, or any other use through your telephone system

    Use in audio-only podcasts on any podcast platform, e.g. iTunes, Soundcloud, Libsyn, etc. Does not include Paid Advertising unless specifically stated in Section I of this agreement.