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  • License Music For a Movie Production.

    This license is intended for any non-broadcast medium targeting external or broad audience, e.g. Film Festival entries, conferences, non-theatrically distributed viewings. This license includes a perpetual right to show the project (including trailers and teasers for the film) in its final form within the specified media and territories. The license chosen must meet the budget of the film. This license DOES NOT include online or digital distribution, theatrical distribution, or televised broadcast use, except for streaming on a film festival entry website only (i.e. If a Film Festival streams all entries on their own website [only], the External license will cover this use). Unless otherwise stated in Section I of this agreement, this license is not intended for use in promoting a brand, company, organization, product, promotion, or event. Promotional projects, i.e., those featuring the brand, logo, name, or other identifier of more than one End Client, require a custom written license from VYBBES Luxury Beats & Instrumentals LLC.